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This site was previously a Harry Potter site, but with the Harry Potter Series ending. I decided to focus on Daniel Radcliffe’s career. I noticed that there were not many Daniel Radcliffe sites out there. As Daniel proceeds with his career in acting, I don’t doubt that he will be great in all his films as he’s gives us something to look forward to.

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  • Capital FM
    Daniel Radcliffe Reviewed 2017’s BIGGEST Tunes, And He Went Full Simon Cowell On Them As Daniel roasted 2017’s biggest tunes, it’s only fair we got our own back, by roasting Daniel, right? Source: Capital FM
  • Behind the scenes of Jungle
    That was over a year ago, but new behind the scenes footage shows the former Harry Potter star filming scenes in Mt Tamborine, which easily passes for the Amazon jungle where the movie is set. It tells the true story of Byron Bay resident Yossi Ghinsberg who became trapped in the Bolivian rainforest for three … Continue reading
  • Jungle Press Day 2
    Interviews from BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4 and much more Daniel Radcliffe reacts to YouTube comments! Daniel Radcliffe | Instagram | October 18, 2017 | BBC Radio 1 BBC Radio 4 Front Row Full audio Download here. Radio X The Double Take
  • Lorraine
    Daniel Radcliffe Really Suffered for ‘Jungle’ Even Though No One Asked Him To
  • Jungle Press Day
    There was lots of interviews that I need to catch up on. So here’s what we have. Interview are from the following: KCTV5 News, WGN9, The Jason Show, ODN, KCTV5 News Full WGN Interview WGN No Watermark The Jason Show ODN Fox 10 Dan says Hello to Veronica Padilla AP


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