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This website was created on the rising star Elijah Wood. He captured my heart in his movie Maniac. From there I watched almost everything he’s done. One of my favorite movies that I use to love watching of his was Deep Impact. And I even watched Lord of the Rings and finally seen the whole trilogy. Elijah is funny, and very talented.

Latest news from the site:

  • Elijah Wood’s Dirk Gently TV Series Has Been Cancelled At BBC America
    Nothing is ever certain in the world of showbiz, and few shows are ever safe from cancellation unless they’re ratings giants or lucky enough to score multi-season renewals in one go. Sadly, we now know of one more show that has gotten the axe. Elijah Wood’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency has been cancelled by … Continue reading Elijah Wood’s Dirk Gently TV Series Has Been Cancelled At BBC America
  • New Scans from Arena
    We got new scans from Arena (UK) – January 2002. Many thanks to for sending them. MAGAZINES > ARENA
  • Elijah on Conan O’Brien
    Elijah will be on Conan O’Brien today. Preview the links at 5:30am EST, You will also be able to see the full episode at the site. Elijah Wood Dressed Up As Eleven For Halloween – live 5:30am ET Elijah Wood Reacts To “Steve Buscemi With Elijah Wood’s Face” – live 5:30am ET Elijah … Continue reading Elijah on Conan O’Brien
  • New stills from the Trust
  • New Icons
    I finally put in some icons, but it was much thanks to Who made them for us. Will be making some very soon to add to the Icon Archive till then enjoy the site. You can view them all at the link here: Icon Archive


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